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How You Can Help

By supporting Christian Record Services and its National Camps for Blind Children, you will improve the quality of life for blind and visually disabled children, teens, and adults. You will be providing free programs and publications focused on their needs.

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Small Moments Make Up the Whole

A week at National Camps for Blind Children is a bit like looking at a colorful patchwork quilt. Bright conversations and a variety of activities are taking place all around. Together, all of these experiences make up the bigger picture of . . .

Ways to give

You can have full confidence that you are donating to a legitimate and worthwhile 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. This means that gifts from United States residents are deductible within tax code provisions. National Camps for Blind Children/Adults is a registered name of Christian Record Services (CRSB). CRSB is registered in every jurisdiction where it is required.

Your gifts are a sure way of helping those who cannot see. Christian Record has been serving the blind continuously since 1899 and conducting camps (National Camps for Blind Children) since 1967. Through the years we have earned the respect of our donors and sincere appreciation from the many visually impaired who receive our services.

You may view our current annual report and Form 990 here. Annual statements are audited by certified public accountants.

You are also welcome to visit our listing on, the national public information Web site for charities.

National Camps for Blind Children

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